Hi Form's Under 25 Ambassadors

Here at Hi Form we are proud to support young riders across all disciplines – we think investing in grass roots level is an important part of supporting the future stars of the equestrian world!

Jessie Kirby

Hi form is part of my horses staple diet and I rely on it to keep them feeling their best whether it be general health and well being, joints or anxiety – I wouldn’t be without it

Tom Woodward

Hiform products are an essential ingredient to my horse’s well-being. They look and feel fantastic all year round. As my top horse is an older horse it’s so important to make sure he has everything he needs to keep at his peak performance. I truly believe hiform makes a big difference and that their quality of product is the best on the market.

Connie Adams

My horses have been using HiForm Equine products, Oxydane and Proflamaid Plus, for the past 18 months. They are all young horses and I believe I am feeding them the best supplements I can. As well as looking incredibly healthy with gleaming coats, they are also calm, focused, supple and athletic. They have all had an extremely busy year, developing from the lower levels of showjumping to competing at international shows and I am convinced that HI Form supplements have helped me achieve this.


Jake Myers

I have been feeding HiForm Supplements for several years and haven’t looked back since. 

It gives me great confidence knowing that my horses are looking and feeling great as well as being supple and athletic regardless of age. 

I think of my horses as athletes and the correct supplements are a vital ingredient to success in the showjumping arena. I believe that Oxydane and Proflamaid make a real difference!

Amy Bushell

Since joining HiForm, our horses are the happiest and healthiest they’ve ever been. 

My show jumpers have the joint and muscle support they need from Proflamaid, our broodmares are looking absolutely fantastic on Oxydane even in this horrific weather and Herbanerve has made the “funky” ones significantly more rideable. 

I really admire HiForm’s philosophy on a natural, ‘sugarless’ diet- and I feel safe in the knowledge that we aren’t feeding any unnecessary fillers. 

It’s a pleasure to be supported by such an innovative company who truly hold the horse’s best interests at heart.

Lucy Owen

My name is Lucy Owen and I am based with Padraig and Lucy McCarthy, in Devon. 

I currently compete a small string of showjumpers, and I strive to produce them to the best of my ability. I’ve learnt that to do so, it’s not just to perfect the basics – but to also improve via marginal gains. 

I have been feeding a range of HiForm supplements for a while now – I pair them with natural feeds, ie grass pellets and oats, for optimal results. I use  Oxydane, Proflamaid, Topline and Linseed Oil across a range of horses. 

The results are noticeable -the horses have never looked, felt or performed so well.  You can see your own reflection in their coats, and your investment in their results. 

So much so, owners have also decided to move their horses onto HiForm. I couldn’t be happier with their health – I will never feed my horses anything else.