Hi Form's Heros

Hi Form have carefully chosen riders across all disciplines, both Professionals and Grassroots riders. We are incredibly proud to be counted as part of their team and to support them, all in achieving their goals.

Bill Levett



Keeping event horses on the road year in year out is never straightforward, the sport puts them under a lot of pressure physically and like any top athlete they can be prone to picking up niggles. Alfie has been a fantastic horse and I’ve been lucky to ride him for the last 8 years. We have been looking at ways to manage his fitness, health and wellbeing. During 2017 we met Hi Form an Australian company at BETA who suggested ProflamAid Plus to us. We were, to be truthful, sceptical about its potential effects but decided it would be worth a try.

Alfie (Shannondale Titan) is an experienced four star horse he won Saumur CCI*** in 2013 and completed Badminton in 2014 before representing Australia at the World Equestrian Games in 2014 in France. Since then he has been participating in the Event Rider Masters series in 2016. With ProflamAid Plus as part of his daily regime, we have seen a significant change in how we’ve been able to manage him, so much so that in 2017 he was the most capped horse to have taken part in the series and finished 6th overall in the series.  He has been on the podium in 2018 and is currently ranked 5th going in to the last leg of the series.

Having seen the results for ourselves we have expanded the use of ProflamAid Plus on the yard to maintain joints and muscles in peak condition to Sparkles (Lassban Diamond Lift), a young advanced horse who came 3rd at Bramham CCI*** in his first run at this level. He is long listed for the World Equestrian Games 2018 in Tyron so he will either run at WEG or Burghley. He is only 10 and an exciting horse both now and for the future, he is light on his feet and loves to gallop and jump

Horse Name: Shannondale Titan (Alfie), Lassban Diamond Lift (Sparkles)

Hi Form Bill Levett Eventing

Photograph credit Fiona Scott-Maxwell

Hi Form Jessie Kirby Dressage
Hi Form Jessie Kirby Dressage

Jessie Kirby



Orlando uses Proflamaid Plus and Oxydane – at 17 we find that the Proflamaid helps keep him supple and he moves better than ever since putting him on Proflamaid Plus. Used with Oxydane means he looks the picture of health and his coat is gleaming, he is certainly feeling well. The level of work that Orlando is doing in peak season is intense and Hi Form certainly helps his recovery and maintenance.

Casper is a young enthusiastic type, we started using Oxydane to ensure that we managed any stress levels that a 5/6 year old generally has whilst growing up. Since putting Casper on Hi Form, he is much more trainable and is now the super model of the yard who just loves to pose for the camera instead of being wary of everything. We also use Proflamaid Plus for Casper as he develops muscles and builds up to be a strong young horse.

Belle is the new addition to the team and needed some building up when she arrived, we instantly put her on Oxydane, Proflamaid Plus and added Topline to the mix – within in three months it was amazing to see the muscle she had developed and how well and engaged she became. She built muscle quickly and her coat became gleamy, silky and she looks a million dollars.

All the horses also benefit from Electroplus after a hard session or in warm weather to ensure they are topped up with all they should need.

Hi Form has become part of the horses day to day staple diet and they are all benefiting every day.

Grayswood Orlando (Ginge) – GB Pony Prime Squad – International FEI Pony competitions
Belle Amie I (Belle) – Advanced Medium – aiming at Junior Teams 2019
Hocus Pocus (Casper) – 6 year old in training with aims for Young Rider and U25 Grand Prix

Horse Name: Grayswood Orlando (Ginge), Belle Amie I (Belle), Hocus Pocus (Casper)

Anand Patel



A British rider with an Indian heritage, Anand Patel was born and bred in central London, in a non-equestrian family. Developing his passion and skills in a London riding school, Anand relished his weekly riding lessons.

Dressage captured Anand’s imagination from a young age, watching endless videos of Carl Hester and Anky Van Grunsven, and taking himself off to Hickstead to watch during the holidays.

Volunteering at his local equestrian centre, Anand developed his equestrian skills through his British Horse Society stages, achieving his Stage 3 as soon as he was old enough. Studies were important to Anand and he moved to Bristol where he attended Bristol University to complete a Master’s Degree in Corporate Law.
Riding his first dressage test at age 22 and heading straight to the National Championships in the same year, Anand has seen a rapid rise in success. A long way from where it all started Anand now trains on a regular basis with Carl Hester and with Dutch dressage guru Kebie Van Der Heijden.

Competing successfully at PSG and Inter I level, Anand is now set to make the step up to Grand Prix level.

“I’m thrilled with the results we’ve seen since using Oxydane and ProflamAid Plus. I really couldn’t be happier.

The mixture of hard work and correct nutrition is really showing with my horses. Celana T and Dreamcather can both be more Ferrari than anything else. Since using the HiForm supplements we’ve maintained the sparkle, whilst having more mentally focused horses.

Harnessing the power of nature in their diet means that I can harness their power and channel it in the right direct.”

Horse Name: Dream Catcher, Celana T

Hi Form Anand Patel Dressage
Hi Form Liv Craddock Eventing
Hi Form Liv Craddock Eventing

Olivia Craddock



Based in West Sussex where I am incredibly fortunate to have a lovely yard and fantastic facilities at home to produce and compete my team of event horses. I have been involved with horses all of my life, from being tied up on the yard whilst my Mum did the stables as a young child to now where I have started at Burghley 4*, won a team Silver medal at Strezgom Nations Cup and produced many horses who have gone on to International success with a variety of riders.

I started my riding career though the Pony Club where I represented the Lord Leconfield many times through all the levels at Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing. I had a great education through the Pony Club and enjoyed every aspect of it from competing to horsemanship. In 2004 the most amazing pony came into our lives called Winter Holly, she is the reason I am so passionate about  eventing as was the most incredible cross country machine! She took me to the PC Championships that year and then in 2005 we were the only combination to jump double clear at all of the Pony Trials and ended up being selected for the European Championships! She also taught me the incredible heartache of horses and the day we were due to leave for Pratoni she trotted up unlevel, the dream was over. It was bittersweet that we ended the year 2nd in the CCNP** at Necarne Castle. From her I moved onto horses and enjoyed a lot of success including being reserve u21 National Champion and being named reserve for the Young Rider European Championships. I am now a Senior, have also produced and sold many top class horses including Cult Rewind who went to Badminton this year, Billy Liffy who is now with Sam Griffiths and Dynasty who is aimed at an Autumn CCI****.

I was introduced to Hi Form by Alice Matthews a few years ago and haven’t looked back since. Having been through the Pony Club and working for Donal Barnwell at the Billy Stud I have always know that nutrition is a vital part of keeping these horses as top class athletes. I was instantly struck by the level of research and science behind their products but still keeping them natural. I had been feeding a whole variety of supplements until Antoinette came to the yard and once she had explained how some of these may be working against each other I was intrigued. At the time I had the ride on a lovely older Advanced horse called Coco de Cara, we put him on the Proflamaid Plus and his results spoke for themselves, he was so much freer in his movement and came away from events feeling fresh and well. Billy Liffy hugely improved from being on the Oxydane not only in his wellbeing but also his attitude!

I like to keep all of the young horses on Topline whilst they are in building up as it helps them put on condition.

This year I have a very exciting team of young horses to Campaign:

Killbunny Andy is a 6yo chestnut gelding who Id love to take to Le Lion D’Anger World Breeding Championships
Noah is a 6yo gelding who has previously show jumped to 1.20 and is now turning his hand to eventing.
Galwaybay Panther 6yo new ride this year
Dusty VI a 10yo gelding consolidating at 2* level
Lets Go II a 7yo gelding by Diarado new to eventing but aiming at Int this year
Mullaghdrins Star Class a beautiful 6yo mare by Cevin Z
Jabadabadoo and Jalalabad both 4yo mares!

Horse Name: Killbunny Andy

Jake Myers



I am a 14 year old show jumper from Devon and when I am not sleeping, eating or at school I am riding. My passion for show jumping began when I was just 8 years old after going to watch the pony show jumping classes at Horse of the Year show. From then on I knew I wanted to be there competing myself one day. By the time I was 11 years old I was jumping the National 128 tracks and then last year fullfilled my dreams by qualifying for and competing at HOYS as well as  Royal International Horse show at Hickstead, Bolesworth and Liverpool International and being selected to jump on the 138 cm pony England team at the Home Pony International Shows. My dreams continue to expand as I take on new challenges but not without hard work, determination and patience.

It is very important to me that my ponies are feeling good and are as fit and ready to compete as possible so I was very excited when about a year ago, I was introduced to Hi Form Supplements and have been amazed by the results. Oxydane aiding quick recovery after competition and Proflamaid plus providing both muscle and joint support – all key factors in ensuring my ponies are in top condition.  I have been amazed by how the ponies are jumping and how good they feel.  Eddy at the age of 25 competing with more athleticism than that of a pony half his age and once again on the England Team after achieving an amazing 2ndplace at HOYS last year and looking forward to returning to HOYS again in October.  Mirah, who prior to Hi Form was far too laid back and lost focus easily, is now full of energy but at the same time being able to concentrate on jumping her biggest and most challenging tracks to date. Moon, my very excitable mare, who loves to jump but can sometimes become a little too keen is now on HerbaNerve. She is now far more relaxed but still full of energy to compete around the top 148 tracks at 1.35m.

So convinced by these supplements I am now running all ponies on Hi Form supplements to suit their needs and I am looking forward to seeing the difference Hi Form Topline makes to my Children on Horses horse.

Horse Name: The Agent (Eddy), Mirah (Mirah)

Hi Form Jake Myers Showjumper
Hi Form Jess Grove Dressage
Hi Form Jess Grove Dressage

Jessica Grove



Before 2012 I was riding at PSG level and represented Great Britain on the Young Rider Team. I trained at the Hanoverian State Stud in Celle, Germany and also rode with Holga Finken and Isabelle Freese.

In 2012 I decided to retire, sold everything and went on a different career path.

In 2016 I came across an advert that caught my attention. Millie came to me skin and bone, loss of all human trust, lame and very shy. 2 years later after a lot of rehab, a slow backing process and gentle competing she is showing huge potential! I’m really excited about our future as a partnership.

We started Oxydane in April 18. After 3 days I noticed a difference. She is focused! While travelling to competitions she would lose weight, Oxydane has stopped that. Her recovery is very quick and even after a tough day, the next she is as fresh as a daisy. In the recent hot weather she hasn’t suffered at all and training has resumed as usual with no fatigue.

It does what it says on the tin. I’m so proud to represent HiForm Equine UK and that Oxydane supports Millie in the way it does.

Horse Name: Taffechan Rhea Dargon (Millie)

Luke Coen



I started using Hi Form at the start of this year (2018). The reason I started using it is because I read a blog about Hi Form, I began to notice that the points that were made in the blog also were happening with me. I have to say I was a little sceptical when I was told I should see a difference in less than a week as with other supplements it would normally take at least 2-3 weeks to have an effect, if at all. I can 100% say I noticed a difference in only 3 days.

My top horse Stroke of Genius (Clover) is on Oxydane, I will never change it. Being a sharp sensitive horse, I did struggle with the dressage phase but with the help of Oxydane and my dressage coach, Emma Kieran, my dressage has improved dramatically. The proof is in the pudding. I just scored my PB at dressage at CIC2* and went on to be third in a strong class at the fabulous Kilguilkey House International.

The two main reasons why I use Hi Form

– it actually does exactly what it says on the tin!!

– it dissolves into the feed so there is no problem with horses not eating.

Horse Name: Stroke of Genius (Clover), Solitaire Dirlande

Hi Form Luke Coen Eventing
Hi Form Luke Coen Eventing
Hi Form Alex Tordoff Eventing
Hi Form Alex Tordoff Eventing

Alex Tordoff



I was first introduced to Hi Form, at the start of the 2018 Eventing season. My top horse Cool Jack, is a 10 year old gelding, competing at 3*, also known as Colin. He’s always been and anxious and nervous horse, both in and out of the stable, from when we had him as a 5 year old.

The team from Hi Form recommended that we used Oxydane to help cope with his nervous behaviour, which effected his performance in the ring. Oxydane being the daily supplement which aids focus and concentration as well as having many other benefits.

I have used many other calming products on horses, so I was instantly curious to try out this product which many other riders were so confident about.

Instantly, I could see why so many people truly believed in this product. Within a very short period of time, Colin’s focus and attention in the ring had improved, helping him to relax and perform to his capabilities. He’s also calmer in the stable, and has lost any nervousness seen before. I would highly recommend Hi Form Oxydane to anybody, both professional and amateur.

The Dustman my other 3* horse is also on Oxydane and both he and Cool Jack benefit from ProflamAid Plus to look after their joints and muscles especially in the varied weather we have been having. I also use Hi Form’s other products for specific jobs, for example Topline to support muscle growth in youngsters, we saw an amazing transformation with Spud in just 2 months.

Horse Name: Cool Jack (Colin), The Dustman (Dusty)

Katie Yockney

 GB – Berkshire


I had been intrigued by the Hi-form products for a while. They grabbed my attention for many reasons, but the main one being that they are all-natural ingredients – no synthetics or extras added. I have been very aware in recent years of the additives in not just supplements but also in feed, treats, actually most equine products since my other pony Magic was poorly and developed severe allergies to a host of different ingredients and foods.

I had a discussion with Claire about my worries and thoughts of changing Joey’s supplements; he can be a fussy eater so I haven’t really risked changing anything that could potentially upset him. Our conversation was informative and helpful and after realising I was doubling up and giving him some unnecessary substances, I decided to strip it right back and build it back up.

This has proven to be one of the best decisions I have made, discovering Hi-Form has just been an incredible move.

Fed with Alfa A original and copra, I have put joey on OXYDANE and PROFLAMAID PLUS.

The transformations I have seen in him are a little staggering. Mentally and physically I have seen positive changes. These include a better coat, even stronger hooves, no tummy nonsense when tacking him up (which he has had ever since he was diagnosed and treated for grade 1 ulcers a few years ago) and increased concentration in his ridden work. The latter has been so beneficial to our journey and is allowing me to have more productive rides and therefore seeing more progression. This positive attitude of Joey’s has had great impact, his muscles, strength and technique have improved. I have seen noticeable changes in his movement, especially his hind leg activity.

He is so relaxed and is sporting and lovely, shiny, healthy coat. We are definitely happy Hi-form users and lovers.

I have waited on writing an update and review on these supplements until we were a good month into using them and had put them and him to the test… It is safe to say it really has and is working wonders.

Horse Name:

Sparkey Grey (Joey)

Katie on the Web:

Hi Form Katie Yockney
Hi Form Katie Yockney
Hi Form Adam Russell Polo
Hi Form Adam Russell Polo

Adam Russell



I started riding at 3, but gave up at 6 to do school activities. I loved rugby, but by 11 was on first name terms in A&E so I started riding again instead. I started playing polo age 13 and was the only child in the club at that time, so was thrown in with the adult players pretty much from day 1. It was great fun, George my coach really helped me, as did all the other players.

At 14 my parents bought Paloma for me. George had retired from Polo and so I had no access to a horse. Paloma is my first polo pony, she’s an 18yr old Argentine bred pony. I’d had lessons on her then played her too, so knew I had to have her when we heard she was for sale. For my 16th birthday this year I got Tord, he’s a 6yr old thoroughbred ex race horse. He’s still very much a baby, but is coming on great with further education. I’m also going to school him properly and teach him to jump so he can have a varied lifestyle.

Both of my polo ponies are on Hi Form Equine supplements, I have really seen a difference in them. We started Tordi on the Topline as he’d lost some condition through the winter before we bought him, we now have put them both on Oxydane and Proflamaid Plus. They’re both very laid back ponies and have great temperaments, but I feel they’ve got more energy and move better  when I’m on the pitch playing.

I love playing polo and the atmosphere is great. It really is like one big family where everyone helps each other. I’d say to anyone to give it a go, even just for a fun couple of sessions. I certainly never dreamt I’d be doing it.

Horse Name: Paloma, Tordi

Rose Cassapi



Rose is 6 years of age and started riding before she could walk. In 2018, Rose competed her Dartmoor Pony, Briars Aspen, aka Harry, on the lead rein in showing, working hunter, dressage, show jumping and pony club rallies. Harry is home produced and lead by Mum. Highlights in 2018 included qualifying for the Royal International Horse Show (a first for Harry and Rose) and winning numerous Championships including NCPA Leicestershire & Rutland Spring Show, Ashby Show, Leicester County Show, and taking NCPA Reserve Ridden Supreme and Ridden Supreme at Ashby Show. The pair also won numerous Concours D’Elegance classes and the biggest highlight was winning at Equifest and Showcase of Champions.

Rose has three main ponies to compete in 2019. Harry will primarily compete side saddle, something which Rose started to learn in December 2018; Westfirle Golden Oriole, aka Angel, will be aimed at RIHS and HOYS M and M Lead Rein Classes, Nantlais Gwerthfawr, aka Precious, will be primarily aimed at the SSADL Olympia Championship, Burghley Sports Pony and HOYS.

One of the biggest challenges with native ponies is their weight. All of the ponies are ‘good doers’ resulting in restricted grazing and controlled quantities of hay. As a result, they are fed very little, if anything, by way of hard feed.  I would never want any of the ponies to become obese. Equally I am conscious that they need vitamins and minerals. I met Hi Form at Your Horse Live 2018 and all of the ponies have been on Oxydane and Proflamaid Plus since December to ensure they are getting all the nutrition they need and for optimum and complete joint and muscle support. The ponies are all looking great and the best endorsement came from a photographer at a show who could note believe the difference in Precious in just a month. She is slimmer, fitter and focussed. We are extremely excited for the 2019 season ahead.

Horse Name: Harry (Briars Aspen), Angel (Westfirle Golden Oriole), Precious (Nantlais Gwerthfawr)

Hi Form Traci & Rose Cassapi Showing
Hi Form Traci & Rose Cassapi Showing

Bella Giles-Smith



My gorgeous boy is a 16.2hh 10-year-old Hanoverian black gelding called Rudy (Rodolfo). He is quite a character and always makes me laugh with his antics. I have been his Mummy for nearly a year and half and before that, unofficially his Mummy for around 5 years. He is my world and only the best will do for my boy. I have never been one for feeding supplements, as I didn’t believe they would make a difference. Well, after reading how Hi Form Supplements and the amazing reviews, I thought to myself, they must be good; otherwise people wouldn’t still be buying them. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for me to realise just how brilliant Hi Form Supplements are for myself.

I still can’t quite believe the changes I have seen in Rudy since he has been on Hi Form Supplements, and not just me either. Rudy can be a bit of a challenge and apart from me; only one other person at the yard would handle him. Now, he is so chilled and quite soppy at times and will give anyone kisses even if they haven’t got a carrot LOL and now anyone will put him out or bring him in. He could be quite spooky, anything new around the school or field and he would create merry hell. Also out hacking he could be spooky and not want to go past things or end up going sideways down the road. We don’t have any of that anymore since he’s been on Oxydane, he is an angel and so relaxed and happy. The really big thing that has happened now Rudy is on ProFlamAid Plus, we have moved up from Novice to Elementary level Dressage. It has given me the confidence to move up a level because Rudy is moving like never before and we are both enjoying our training, as well as the challenges Elementary is giving us. He also used to suffer from puffy fetlocks, well not anymore. I am totally over the moon with the amazing changes Oxydane and ProFlamAid Plus have made to Rudy’s well-being and movement. I’m even more over the moon that Rudy and I qualified in the PYO class coming 3rd, up against Medium and Advance Medium riders for the Merrist Wood Dressage Championships in October 2018 at Elementary level.

I guess I’d better tell you a bit about me. I am no spring chicken, so somewhat older than most sponsored riders LOL. I didn’t get into Dressage until I was 50, previously spending many years competing in ridden showing classes aboard owner’s horses. I have appeared in Horse & Hound a few times which I am immensely proud of. Another time I am immensely proud of is after winning the ridden coloured class at Hickstead some years ago, the pony I was riding and I had the privilege of leading a parade around the fabulous main arena and past the huge Derby Bank, what a thrill that was.

I have always been horse mad and I don’t know what I would do without my amazing horse Rudy in my life. Rudy keeps me sane and always makes me smile after a challenging day at the office. I work in the Marketing Department at Honda with a wonderful bunch of people. It really is a great place to work; otherwise I wouldn’t still be there after nearly 16 years.

Horse Name: Rudolfo (Rudy)

Christina Wiederkehr



Hi Form was recommended to me by my Veterinary Physiotherapist. She had seen clear improvements and changes in horses being fed Hi Form supplements, both physically and mentally.

I ride a variety of horses in dressage and eventing. I have brought horses up to PSG in dressage and international 3* in eventing.

Often I have brought on horses which have struggled in a certain discipline or horses in need of reschooling. A big part of improving their way of going comes down to their management and perhaps one of the most important factors in performance is their health and wellbeing. I love that Hi Form supplements are pure and natural andHi Form select human grade ingredients including organic
herbal extracts, wild crafted herbs, top quality amino acids, vitamins and mineral tissue salts. Since using Hi Form Oxydane and Hi Form Proflamaid I have the confidence that my horses get what their body needs in order to perform to their best.

The following competition horses are on Hi Form Oxydane and Proflamaid and they look in super condition plus their performances in dressage and showjumping have improved.

Starvie de Lully struggled particularly in the show jumping phase with concentration and balance. Since starting with Hi Form supplements in May 18, he has come from strength to strength. He has moved up to Novice level and he is staying calmer when jumping and he is showing more suppleness
which makes it easier for him to stay in a better balance.

DG Canta has also started this supplement in May 18 and has had some great success at Novice and IN level with wins and many top placings since using HI Form. His show jumping phase was always trickiest and he too, is calmer, more supple and finds balancing far easier now.

Young Otto came to me only recently broken, slightly weak and slim. Within 2weeks of using Hi Form Oxydane his coat was gleaming and he put on condition. . Otto’s path will be pure dressage, so I look forward to producing him and update you with his progress.

Horse Name: Starvie de Lully, DG Canta, Otto

Hi Form Christina Weideker
Charlotte Cundall Para Dressage Rider - Hi Form
Charlotte Cundall Para Dressage Rider - Hi Form

Charlotte Cundall


Para Dressage

Having formerly evented to 3*** level and being Yorkshire Ladies Novice Point to Point Champion I am now competing in a completely different sport being a Grade 5 Para dressage rider. I am a member of the BEF World Class Podium Potential Squad and compete at International CPEDI*** level both in Great Britain and abroad.


After breaking my back for the second time in 2010 I was advised,(told), by surgeons that I really should not ride again. With most of my spine fused with metal rods and screws the prospect of falling off is not a good one however after four years away from horses completely my mental health was more important and I made the decision to start riding again…just in a different discipline. I knew could never event or race again but I needed that ‘goal’ of reaching the top that I always used to have, I just had to adapt my goal slightly! Para Dressage was suggested to me, so in 2014 I was classified as Grade 5 para rider. (Grades are 1-5 with 1 being the most impaired and 5 the least impaired).


Since then I have won five national titles, one of which being an able bodied title, won at International CPEDI*** level, reached an FEI World Ranking high of 6 and gained a place on the World Class Podium Potential Programme. As well as riding in Para competitions I also ride in able bodied classes up to Inter 1 level.


I am extremely fortunate to have the ride on two fantastic horses, BamBam owned by Brenda Reddy and LJT Simply Red owned by The Lady Joseph Trust. Both horses compete in para classes with Bam also running at PSG/Inter 1 level and Red at Advanced Medium.


After meeting Claire at Hartpury Festival of Dressage I started to add HiForm supplements to my horses existing feeding plan. As I am sure most people are about supplements I was a little sceptical…can they really make a difference? I had no obvious ‘issues’ to deal with I just obviously want my horses’ to feel and move the best they possibly can. After a little while I started to notice that comments were made, ‘Your horse is moving really well’ and  ‘he looks so much softer’ seemed to feature quite a lot. I had a little smile to myself but didn’t say anything, maybe it was just a coincidence?! I took both horses competing, the results were fabulous. Maybe they were making a difference? I then took Red to the Area Festival 1st round and he won the Advanced Medium by 5% – at this point I was ‘sold’ on the idea that yes…these supplements do work! I am not one for whims and trends but I would without doubt say that Proflamaid Plus has made a huge difference to both my horses. They are looser, softer and are moving bigger and better than before. The demands of dressage are incredibly high, but I will now confidently know that I am giving my boys the best possible joint and muscle support to enable them to be the best they can be. Thank you HiForm!

Anna Mae Cole


Para Dressage

I’m a 22 year old para dressage rider from Devon. I am currently in the World Class Podium potential squad. I started dressage 5 years ago and have never looked back since. I’m currently riding an 18hh KWPN gelding called Perri. I have had the ride on him since November 2017. Previously Perri had spent the last 8 years in a field chilling! He has exceeded all expectations, and has done two 3* Internationals this season.

I am using Proflamaid Plus and Oxydane as part of Perri’s daily feeding, I have been amazed with the results.

Perri really struggled with the concentration when schooling and with any given opportunity he would spin and have me on the floor. He has not done this since being on Hi Form supplements. A healthy diet means a happy horse and a very happy mummy!

Hi Form Anna-Mae Cole Para Dressage Rider
Hi Form Anna-Mae Cole Para Dressage Rider
Hi Form Anna Pichler
Hi Form Anna Pichler

Anna Pichler



I became attentive to Hi Form Equine because of the many positive experiences – and I thank God for that.

I have always looked after a healthy diet of my horses and tried tons of different feeds. Also because I have always taken horses in poor condition, and my focus was to turn them into a healthy and powerful athlete. Above all, they should be one: happy!

I finally made it with the products of Hi Form Equine. The best example of this is my Fireball: he is a 6 year old Westphalian gelding by Franziskus (the famous stallion of Ingrid Klimke), incredibly talented but not easy either. When he came to me he was thin, had bad hooves and was very shy. In the beginning I paid attention that we became a team and he trusted me, hoping to stabilize his psyche. I did a complete diet change and a new individual training plan. He was getting better, but something was missing…

So I started with Oxydane and noticed a difference after only a week. His coat shone and his muscles grew. Having been so convinced, I fed him Top Line and HerbaNerve in support against his problems. I noticed how he felt more and more comfortable and became more powerful – he became a little superstar.

In the meantime, he also gets Proflamaid Plus and Bio Equus to maintain him with complete care in all areas.

Since I started using Hi Form Equine products, Flummi has skipped 2 performance classes and is now starting with me in the medium hard class (what I think is very great for a 6 year old one!). He moves very differently, floats downright, and shows great performances.

Our goals for the next few years are to be successful in the difficult class and also to start internationally.

I hope it goes on like this and I’m sure we hit a jackpot with Hi Form Equine. A great partner for the sporting future!

Horse Name: The Fireball

Mick Ward


Para Driving

Hi my name is Mick Ward and I have been part of the Great British Carriage Squad since 2011. In that time I have represented the country on 3 occasions and won 2 team bronze medals and 1 individual bronze medal. I am the current British Open Para Champion and have held the title 4 times.

I have been using HI FORM  OXYDANE and HI FORM PROFLAMAID over the last month and am seeing great improvements in my competition partner Douglas. He is looking and feeling great with a spring in his step. Douglas tends to drop a bit of conditioning this time of year but there is no sign of that, he looks as well now as he did when we were competing at the Para World Championships back in August/September.

Horse Name: Douglas (Duggie)

Mick Ward Driving - Hi Form
Mick Ward Driving - Hi Form
Hi Form Chantelle Chapman
Hi Form Chantelle Chapman

Chantelle Chapman



Rising star Chantelle Chapman who is just 13 years old, is following in her mothers’ footsteps (Victoria Oliver) in becoming a very talented, level headed and successful young rider.
Chantelle has been very successful in her first year on the showing circuit with her Fell Pony Greenholme Falcon (aka Dan) picking up many wins throughout 2018. Recently she was crowned SEIB M&M Search For A Star Champion 2018 and being the youngest in the competition, up against other competitors from all over the UK, this was a fantastic achievement!
Next season is already on the way with the duo preparing to compete in the junior qualifying classes across the UK, to secure places at the Royal International, Horse Of The Year and Royal Windsor Horse shows, offering a chance to become a Champion of 2019.
Looking to the future, mother Victoria is currently producing a Dales stallion who is looking to be a serious contender for the M&M Classes.
Victoria and Chantelle have noticed a huge difference in the ponies since they have been on High Form and a more natural diet. Ponies looking great on High Form and feeling it too.
We are looking forward to 2019 with the support of these amazing products.

Horse Name: Greenholme Falcon (Dan)

Elizabeth Baker


Show Jumping

I’m a 16 year old show jumper based in Kent. I have now finished my pony career and moving onto horses where I aim to be on the under 18s European Team this coming year. In the last six months of my pony career my ponies Blue (Latinka TJ Van Overis) and Adam (Adams Fancy) were fed on the daily vitamin supplement “Oxydane” from Hiform UK. Quite a few people kept saying to me at shows how well the ponies are looking, commenting on how glossy their coats are, and the improvement with their more focused attitude. Both ponies were concentrating a lot more on their job and also seemed to have more energy even on a daily basis- which I can honestly say is that I think is down to this supplement, as nothing else in their diet/ routine had changed.
We discovered the brand after having a very interesting conversation with Claire and Alice at the Bolesworth International in June. Before finding this supplement, we were feeding a balancer and like many of people we believed this had all the vitamins/minerals required in their daily diet. However, this is far from the case and many feeds contain nowhere near the volumes that they require!! Oxydane from Hiform contains all the vitamins and minerals that horses need in their diet, with the amount required. This supplement contains no by-products so you are not paying for fillers in feed! It is also fed in a much lower quantity and although a larger initial price, it actually works out cheaper than feeding a balancer as it replaces it overall. I truly believe in this product and I think that the content within speaks volumes as you get exactly what they need rather than unnecessary bulking substances!
I have seen real improvements within the behaviours of my ponies since they have been fed on this and seem a lot more focused and content. My new horses have now been introduced to this product, so I look forward to seeing similar results in them also!

Horse Name: Uno Du Thot, Birdy Du Thot

Hi Form Elizabeth Baker Show Jumper
Hi Form Elizabeth Baker Show Jumper
Hi Form Bella Dunsheath
Hi Form Bella Dunsheath

Annabelle Dunseath


4 years old!

“Hi, my name is Bella. I am 4 years old and I have two ponies called Verity and Brian. They are so good and I love them so much that I might burst. My favourite thing is to jump Verity and zoom around. We like to go to shows because I can dress up with my special clothes. I love my new Hi Form coat that makes me look extra smart when I’m jumping and having fun. The letters are gold, and you only get gold when you are winning!

I love show jumping like my mummy used to, but I also love cross country because you get to go super fast and jump all kinds of funny jumps and go in water! I don’t need the lead rein on Verity because she is a very good girl and we can go faster without Mummy trying to keep up!!”

Belles is extremely hands on with her ponies, so it is important that they are kind and “easy” to handle. However they must also be responsive enough to react to her tiny aids.  Her feet don’t reach beneath the saddle flap, so Verity relies largely on voice commands and feeling Bella’s seat and weight shift. Naturally Verity is a quiet, but competitive pony. However she can also sometimes be slightly lethargic to ride. Since starting on Oxydane two months ago the difference in her performance is incredible. Her lethargic days are now almost non-existent! She is alert and responsive in just the right measures whilst remaining kind on the ground. She is a fantastic little pony, and the Oxydane has brought out all the best qualities in her. Being the parent of a horsey child can sometimes be a minefield, between keeping them safe and allowing them to grow and develop. But it helps to not only have a pony who is on your side, but also a small team of experts to guide you through!

I don’t usually “agree” with buying into supplements, as with many you find they make little difference to anything other than your pocket! However Hi Form offers not only a supplement that works, but they provide consistent support and advice that money just can’t buy.

We are super excited to be a part of the Hi Form team, and we can’t wait to share this very exciting year with you.

Horse Name: Greenholme Falcon (Dan)