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Every one’s goal is to have their horse moving correctly. It is the foundation stone, the best possible way to ensure that everything you ask of them he/she can accomplish.

It is however one of the most over looked areas in a training program and possibly the most misunderstood!

Training for longevity is at the end of the day paramount, as we would like to ensure that our horses are working in our chosen discipline for as long as possible.

So what are we talking about?

Many of us would call this “long reining”, a much used phrase but one most of us don’t truly know how to do. Like most things, it is an art, a skill that has been achieved over time and one that we should look to outside help for. After all, we all look for outside help for coaching for our riding skills.

The correct way of training uses biomechanics to get the best out of each horse’s movement. Done correctly, it builds core strength and will give your horse the best chance of functioning for success and thus limiting the chances of injury further down the line.

Don’t think this is only something for the young horse, it has huge value for any horse no matter what age, level of training or discipline. Below Heather is working with a newly broken 3 year old.

For those of you lucky enough to live in the Berkshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire area, Heather Broda from Optimum Equine specialises in this type of training. You can connect to her on Facebook Messenger @Optimum Equine or contact her on 07723 484145.

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