EquiPod Starter Kit – Trade In & Trade Up


Trade in any old outdated equine microcurrent device for the EquiPod!! We will give you £150 off the RRP (Valid until 30/11/23). 

Once you have ordered, send us your old device using a tracked service* (let us know the tracking number) as soon as we receive it your new EquiPod along with the KorWrap and gel will be on its way to you.

EQUIPOD – The next step in the Future of Equine Health has finally arrived.

The EquiPod is the only equine device that provides advanced multi-frequency microcurrent in all of its treatment programmes, with hundreds of horses in the UK benefitting from the EquiPod

3 Programmes – Pain Management, Repair & Recovery and Maintenance & Wellbeing

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Equipod Complete Kit Includes:

Equipod Device, 2 x Adhesive Conductive Pads, USB Charger, Lead wire &
User Guide, 1 x Equipos Korwrap (leg accessory) and 1 x Equipod Conductive Gel

*See the TRADE IN & TRADE UP tab below for more details

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    EquiPod Starter Kit – Trade In & Trade Up