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Hi Form Horse Feed Minefield Blog Dec 21

8 comments on “The Horse Feed Minefield

  • Hi Claire, just wanted to say what an informative to the point article this is . Using your products has definitely made me look at what I’m putting in to my horses .
    Here’s to healthy happy horses x

  • cbrimblecombe says:

    Thanks Claire for your continued support having started to see improvements in Charlie I will start my other horse on Oxydane & look forward to seeing how he responds- Caroline

  • copleylodge says:

    For the first time since owning a horse I am completely confident in my feeding/supplement regime thanks to Hi Form oxydane and proflamaid along with following their advice on feeding straights. Their health shines out of them.

  • charlottepoole says:

    Fantastic read, so down to the point but informative. To have someone who practises what they preach and have the ability to share it with all of us is just amazing. The products you sell are second to none.

  • I’ve had a very informative conversation with Claire today. A very helpful and knowledgeable lady and I look forward to starting my boy on Hiform, excited for the future. Further review will follow with our progress! 🙂

  • sunnybrae916 says:

    good read– knew this stuff, why did i listen to other people instead of listening to my gut instinct– i’m a numpty!

  • leahhiggins says:

    Great re-educated read. Looking forward to making my purchase and starting a new love with the Hiform family/team 😊


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