Hi Form Oxydane Monthly Subscription

From: £21.50 / month

Oxydane you will have your Golden Bag delivered to your preferred delivery address every month – enough for over 30 days on the daily feed rate of 15 grams per day (10g per day for ponies).

Horses – 500g (15g per day)

Ponies – 300g (10g per day)

You will never run out, into the bargain you will be saving!!
For multiple horses, just up the subscription to accommodate the number of horses you have on Oxydane.
The monthly subscription for Oxydane is £35 (for horses) /£21.50 (for ponies) – Saving 12.5% on 1 Kg and £2 for shipping.

(If you are buying for multiple horses and the total is over £100 or you are subscribing for ProflamAid Plus too simply choose the Free Shipping option)

Find out more about Oxydane here

Horse Supplements -Hi Form Oxydane Daily Supplement
Hi Form Oxydane Monthly Subscription

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