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Harnessing the strength of nature

Pure, Effective Ingredients

Hi Form select human grade ingredients including organic herbal extracts, wild crafted herbs, top quality amino acids, vitamins and mineral tissue salts.

Passion for Equine Health

All of the Hi Form staff have horses and it is that dedication and commitment to horses that drives their passion to look beyond sales and focus on equine welfare and health.

Research & Development

Hi Form never stop looking into advancements in science and improvement of natural ingredients through extraction or manufacture.

Why you will never see 3 for 1, 2 for 1, 45% discount or any other marketing related “bargains” with Hi Form.

It is really simple.
  • We believe in delivering fast acting, effective solutions
  • We advocate that nutrition is the key to unlocking the genetic potential of a horse
  • We won’t compromise the quality of our ingredients.
  • We won’t sell-out on the quantity of our ingredients.
  • We take pride in our meticulous just in time manufacturing process, you are never close to a sell-by date with us
  • We champion delivering value for money each and every day to our customers, both human and equines alike
Hi Form Proflamaid PLus Joint & Muscle Supplement


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