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Since 1990, Hi Form Australia has been producing a range of ground breaking supplements for horses and ponies. Developed to provide the very best in nutritional support, the Hi Form range is the very best for your horse or pony. Premium ingredients for premium results.

Hi Form have a number of clear points that set us apart from many supplement companies out there. We select human grade ingredients including organic herbal extracts, wild crafted herbs, top quality amino acids, vitamins and mineral tissue salts.

We select mineral tissue salts instead of standard minerals as they provide micro feed rates and allow balancing of diets more successfully, without the need for multiple large scoops. The formulas contain no fillers, binding agents, preservatives, colours or flavours.

All the Hi Form supplements are produced in a HACCP certified facility, where our formulas are the only animal supplement they make, among some of Australia’s leading human health supplements. We don’t cut corners and demand perfection in our ingredients.


Nutrition and horses were originally two separate passions of Antoinette Foster, founder of Hi Form Australia, after completing a diploma in nutrition in human health, Antoinette became very serious about Equine health and nutrition. It all began when Antoinette continued to have problems with coat condition, immune and overall health with her horses, she decided to look in to nutrition for her equine companions

By 1990 through study in Horse Nutrition, Herbal Medicine incorporating the use of Herbs in Horses, research, assistance from colleagues and horse owners, Antoinette had developed a range of products and formed Hi Form Australia PL. At first business was mainly from friends of friends, people willing to give these new products a go and the word spread quickly that these Hi Form products really did offer to the consumer what they promised. The ProflamAid – then known as Hi Form P – was a particular favourite and Antoinette still gets goosebumps to this day reading back on those first testimonials.

The team at Hi Form is hands on, energetic and eager to help. “We want every horse on one of our daily formulas because nine times out of ten, problems are nutritional. Nutrition is the key to life and unlocking the horses’ genetic potential.We don’t offer a quick fix, we offer a way to maintain health and wellbeing that is economical, sustainable and visibly effective.” says Nicci “We want people to learn the safest, most affordable and beneficial ways to feed their horse, whether or not they are an Olympian or just starting out.”



When your horse has a problem, you will do whatever it takes to find a solution.

Alice and I met in another life but shared several things in common, a love and passion for horses but we both had problematic horses that we had been looking for a solution for and had not found. Despite much searching, the use of hundreds of products and the spending of much cash, it was eventually in Australia that we found what proved to be what we were looking for.

A chance meeting with Antoinette Foster from Hi Form Australia led to a complete day of education with many lightbulb moments and a complete turnaround in our thought processes about the basic feeding and supplementation of horses. With healthy scepticism we followed the advice that we were given. Feeds were changed, forage investigated and Hi Form supplements used. For me within a week, I had a different horse and for Alice her annual nightmare of impaction colic was banished and has never returned.

2017 saw us abandon our other lives and setup Hi Form UK together, following the principles and philosophies of Antoinette Foster, bringing Hi Form to the UK and Ireland.

Since then we have had the privilege to work with many horses and owners, many of whom we are delighted to call friends. Our philosophy is simple, to provide the best advice possible to customers old and new. We are lucky to have a world class team of nutritionists, clinical nutritionists and medical herbalists at our disposal who we call upon to help us with advice for our many and varied furry customers and their owners.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, dedication to help but above all our commitment to the health and well-being of the UK horse population.

To our customers, thank you, we love working with you.

To those who haven’t tried us, please give us a call and find out what we are all about.

Alice & Claire

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