Hi Form & the VMD

An Explanation…

Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) is the regulator by whom we are governed. As a supplement company we fall under the “Feed” rules and regulations. With an Enforcement Team in place at the VMD, our website and communications are monitored for what we can and can’t say about our supplements.

Words like “improve”, “boost”, “promote” or anything that implies that we make a difference to the natural state of your horse is banned.  It is, however, only the words that are patrolled and not the actual supplements themselves!

Are you scratching your head? Yes, we were too.

That does explain to us why many supplements contain low quality ingredients, have large quantities of fillers or by-products, not to mention confusing labelling. What ingredients there are, are often in minimal quantity and not of the highest grade.

We can’t tell you what improvement you may experience.
But we know that you and the support team around you will see and feel the difference that Hi Form makes.


But we can say this:-

Nutrition –   -the act or process of nourishing or being nourished

  • Nutrition provides the basic building blocks on which our horses are built.
  • Nutrition is the key to life and has the ability to switch our horses genes on and off.
  • Correct Nutrition is responsible for maintaining long term health and well-being.

Every single one of our supplements is formulated with these 3 key points foremost in our mind.