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Simply the best and most advanced daily supplement in the world. Find our full ingredient list here

Designed and formulated to support performance, post exercise recovery, the digestive system, skin & coat health, confidence & focus, hoof health whilst maintaining the immune system to support a high health status.

Oxydane ™ is a unique, ground breaking formula. A world first. Originally developed to underpin the racing industry, this daily supplement is used to support horses across all performance disciplines as well as pleasure horses. 

It is a synergistic high-performance formula for anyone who is serious about their horse’s nutrition. Click here to see some of our customers results…

Oxydane is an intricate formula that offers complete nutritional support.  It is designed to support a healthy immune system along with a high health status including built in electrolytes.

Oxydane is a unique blend, providing a balanced nutritional intake to assist in maintaining optimum levels of digestion and feed utilisation, may aid Phase 1 and 2 Detox and Oxidative stress,

Oxydane™ contains, antioxidants, digestive aids, mineral salts, specific vitamins including vitamin C and E.  The amino acid Beta Alanine which has been clinically proven to be a safe nutritional strategy capable of sustaining high intensity anaerobic performance. With other supporting nutrients, there are a total of 36 ingredients.

Included in Oxydane is Equisoy – Don’t confuse or relate this to by-products like soybean meal used in most horse feeds. Not only is it an amazing product, it is also oral grade (human quality and is used in health foods). This is full fat debittered soy flour, a palatable source of protein,  and is NOT an animal feed and it is certainly NOT a filler.

Mix thoroughly in the daily feed for superior nutritional balance and exercise recovery for ALL horses & ponies.

Feed as little as 10g per day

A 2kg container fed at 15g per day will last approx. 133 days

A 5Kg tub of Oxydane (£320) with a horse in medium work, fed at 15 g per day will last approximately 333 days = 0.97 per day or a horse in heavy work, fed at 20g per day will last approximately 250 days = £1.28 per day.

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Product Description

Oxydane™ contains 36 unique ingredients which provide everything a healthy horse needs.

In the wild horses selectively forage, the modern stabled horse does not have that opportunity. Oxydane™ contains, antioxidants, mineral salts, specific vitamins including vitamin C and E, the amino acid Alanine and other supporting nutrients to support a healthy horse.

Oxydane™ has been shown to support the following:

  • Maintain the immune system
  • Assist the healthy and natural growth of hooves and coat
  • Upholds skin health
  • Assists & improves recovery from exercise
  • Covers base digestive health
  • Maintains Electrolyte balance
  • Improves concentration and focus
  • Supports the skeletal frame

Oxydane™ is the perfect foundation to your feeding program.


Included in Oxydane is Equisoy – Don’t confuse or relate this to by-products like soybean meal used in most horse feeds. Not only is it an amazing product, it is also oral grade (human quality and is used in health foods). This is full fat debittered soy flour, a palatable source of protein,  and is NOT an animal feed and it is certainly NOT a filler.




EquiSoy (See Above), BioEquus (Click here for product information)De-bittered soy flour, Tricalcium Phosphate, Trimagnesium Phosphate, BioEquus™, Brewer’s yeast, Sodium Sulphate, Siberian Ginseng Extract 10:1, Rosehip Extract 10:1, Calcium Sulphate



Methoinine                                               3b815         180mg


Zinc Sulphate                                            E6            (60,000 mg)             21600 mg Zinc

Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate             E4             (30,000 mg)             7635 mg Copper

L-Selenomethione                                    3b815       (15,000 mg)             75 mg Selenium

Manganese Sulphate                                E5             (50,000 mg)             18160 mg Manganese

Ferrous Sulphate                                       E1             (60,000 mg)             4600 mg Iron


Folic Acid                    3a316             320 mg

Pantothenic Acid      4750 mg

Vitamin A                   E672             713568 I.U.

Vitamin B1                 488 mg

Vitamin B6                 3a831            4031 mg

Vitamin C                    3a300           96806 mg

Vitamin D3                 E671              204562 I.U.

Vitamin E                    3a700            45592 I.U.

Nicotinic Acid            3a314            4959 mg


Saccharomyces cerevisiae           4b1711            4.0 x 105

CNCM I-1077


Crude Protein                      8.8%                         Sodium             7260 mg/kg

Crude oils and fats             4.5%                          Calcium             99410 mg/kg

Crude Ash                            0.01%                        Phosphorus     70520 mg/kg

Crude Fibre                         3.9%                          Magnesium       12939 mg/kg




Additional Information

Weight kg

1kg (approx £1.21 per day), 2kg (Approx £1.10 per day), 5kg (approx 97p per day), 10kg (approx 90p per day)

22 reviews for Hi Form Oxydane

  1. 5 out of 5


    What a difference these supplements have made to our horses. First supplement I’ve used that I can see a real difference! Really helpful too with lots of sound advice. 🙂

  2. 5 out of 5


    I started using Oxydane and Proflamaid Plus on my 27 year old gelding who had started to show some signs of stiffness in his advancing years……less than 2 weeks on, his movement has freed up considerably and he is back to causing mayhem as he floats round the field – he and I are very impressed! Having tried numerous supplements for various requirements over our long 26 years together, I have to admit to being surprised by the palpable difference this combination of products have made. Even my farrier has made comment on the quality of his feet and despite having to grow an extra thick coat this winter, the gloss is evident. With these products, a little really and truly does go a long way and they are serious value for money – anyway, what price would you put on your best friends health and wellbeing??!!

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I just want to update you the calming influence OxyDane has had. Frankly the difference is remarkable. I can hack on my own, he has been to a show (his first) and came second in the hunter class and had been to a 2 day Dressage camp. No screeching, minimal if any spooking and better concentration although that part feels like it’s still work in progress!
    All told very happy

  4. 5 out of 5


    I am now using Oxydane and Proflamaid Plus on all of my son’s jumping ponies. His 25 year old 138cm pony is still able to be top of his game with the help of these supplements. It is hard to believe that a pony of his age is able to move and jump with such athleticism and flexibility around the top 138cm pony tracks. I have found that Oxydane ensures that all ponies feel good and are ready to compete even after a 5-6 hour journey, without being over excitable. Our 148cm mare has in the past lacked focus and concentration but since starting her on Oxydane and Proflamaid Plus the difference is incredible. I would highly recommend both these products which I have found to really make a difference.

  5. 5 out of 5


    I think Clover’s results speak for themselves this year. He has had 2 runs this year, won by ten marks in the first in the first tun and then a top 5 finish in his first 2*. He just feels so much better than this time last year. Not only that is coming out wanting to do dressage now which wasn’t always our favourite part of eventing. I often refer to it as “stressage”! Hi Form Oxydane has now become an essential in my feeding routine.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Millie has been on Oxydane for about 6 weeks now. The difference really is BIG. It’s like I’ve gone from driving a 1 litre Polo to a Lamborghini. The benefits I’ve seen in Millie: Quicker Recover
    Leaner and new muscle
    Kept condition while competing
    Eager to get to work
    And she feels awesome
    Whether you are just a leisure rider or top class athlete I feel that oxydane will give your horse wings.

  7. 5 out of 5


    Having started using Oxydane and seeing a significant improvement in our 6 year old’s performance, we have now started using ProflamAid Plus to help with his joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. I can’t believe how much better our pony is going both in and out of the competition ring. So much so, people are asking what we are using and are starting to use Hi Form products themselves. Claire is so informative and always there to help with anything you need, an amazing brand which I am sure will take the UK by storm, every horse should be on this!

  8. 5 out of 5


    I started using Oxydane and Proflamaid Plus for my 14.2h eventer. I am so pleased with the results I’m seeing (and these keep coming). His movement has improved – swinging through his back allowing the hind leg to really move and executing a better more consistent jump. But the big change for me has been his willingness and attitude. He can be distracted and get quite hot but since about 2.5 weeks into the new supplements his concentration and work ethic started to change. He is more rideable and focused to his job. I am so impressed with the supplements and what we are getting out of them. Its not only going to help me improve my horse, but is helping improve our comp results and get closer to our dreams… all these bonuses and saving me money at the same time. Stripping his feed back and just feeding him what he needs has been the best choice I’ve made in a long time. Thanks hi-form for helping me keep my horses sparkle and give him a new spin on life.

  9. 5 out of 5


    My horse is so happy and moving so well on Oxydane and Proflamaid plus. He’s been on it for nearly 2 months and he’s noticeably more supple. Very happy horse!

  10. 5 out of 5


    I first started using Hi Form products in Australia for all my horses and had amazing results.
    Now we’re based in the UK I’m thrilled I can keep using the products.
    I cannot recommend Oxydane, ProflamAid and Herbanerve highly enough, absolutely fantastic, the results speak for themselves.
    I am also using Topline, for the first time and am impressed with the results in the short time I’ve used it.
    I’m now patiently waiting for you to bring the ‘Harry Choice’ feed range to the UK! Thank you guys

  11. :

    My boy Rudy (16.2hh Hanoverian gelding) can be quite a challenge to handle and can spook just for the fun of it. He is my world so only the best will do for my boy. He has been on Oxydane and ProFlamAid Plus for about 2 months. WOW, what a difference Oxydane has made. Rudy is an angel to handle and the spooking, well, I couldn’t believe it, even a big new water trough at the side of the school which wasn’t there before, hardly got any reaction, just a couple of side steps and he kept moving forwards, I was over the moon. I’ve even taken the plunge and moved up a level from Novice to Elementary dressage because Rudy is moving so much better since he has been on ProFlamAid Plus. For someone who never believed in feeding supplements, I am a changed woman. Hi Form supplements are the best ever and they work. 🙂 xxx

  12. :

    I’ve been lucky to try Oxydane & my honest opinion is it’s brilliant I’ve just ordered my2nd tub. All my horses look well & recover quickly from work & shows. There a lot less dramatic as well which is a major plus.
    Oxydane is a must have supplement!

  13. :

    I was on the verge of getting rid of my mare after she suddenly became extremely flighty and naughty in the school, causing me to come off quite a few times. Her teeth / back / saddle fit were all clear and routine blood-work for an unrelated vet visit showed everything was normal. I tried the Oxydane as my last ditch effort and I now have a completely different horse! She has always been spooky, but now her ‘outbursts’ are so much more manageable and don’t ruin the rest of the schooling session like they used to! She has exponentially gotten better and couldn’t be more pleased to see how she gets on in the weeks coming 😊

  14. :

    My 26 year old shire x became suddenly lame in both front feet… X-rays diagnosed Osteoarthritis of the pasterns..
    I sent Hi Form a message via Facebook and Claire replied almost immediately, and even phoned me to discuss which products would be best for my horse.
    I received pro- flammaid and equigesic the very next day
    Nearly 8 weeks on and i am able to take him out on short hacks.
    And he is even cantering around the field, this is something I never thought I would see him do again.
    After sales care is amazing
    A massive thank you from myself and Merlin
    Highly recommend

  15. :

    My eventer has been on Oxydane and ProFlamAid Plus for a few months and I’ve noticed a huge difference in her suppleness, her focus and her movement. I am usually very cynical about supplements never noticing any difference until I tried Hi Form. Our results have been so much more consistent, her dressage continues to improve with judges commenting on how soft and supple she is and she has moved up a level eventing effortlessly and seems so much happier. I am completely converted and wouldn’t be without them now.

  16. :

    I cannot rate this company enough! I use HiForm Oxydane on my 6 year old warm blood who suffered with ulcers for months. This is the only supplement iv found that not only works better than all of the ones iv tried but is affordable, readily available, palatable for the horses and supported by a team who cares. My horse used to be really girthy, backward thinking and difficult to get weight on but after trialling a couple of packs of the HiForm he truly was transformed. I will never choose another supplement.
    I would highly recommend to anyone who is stuck on the ulcer war path to give this a go.

  17. :

    I came across Hi Form by chance on Facebook. We’d bought a new polo pony for my son who needed some condition and had a bout of colic soon after arriving, we put him on the Topline and Oxydane where he has absolutely flourished. They are both now on the Oxydane and Proflamaid Plus. Their performance is better and overall condition.

  18. :

    I’ve got a young 5 year old 17hh Irish Draught who was really struggling with concentration and get up and go. I had no experience with supplements and contacted the team at Hi Form and they recommended Oxydane. Within 2 weeks he was a different horse. Motivated, full of concentration, forward going off the leg. Really put my love back in to horses. Thank you so much for your advice. The follow up care is also awesome. Won’t look back!!

  19. :

    Polo season over in the uk off to Argentina for the season there now. I am very happy with hi form Oxydane, it will be very interesting to see how it goes for a whole season, the polo ponies after 3 weeks of our trial improved in stamina significantly, to the point they were playing whole chukkas without changing or needing changing in the last minute of the chukka we had been going 4 mins out of 7.5 previously. This was at the end of a long season see that it can do when they are fresh from the field in the spring.

  20. :

    After having a long and detailed conversation with Claire I moved from another supplement supplier. Had a text chat to Liv Craddock as well! Ladies I am thrilled with the results! The Proflamaid I really helping with my older horse who is coming back from injury. The Oxydane has helped enormously with my younger horses, one the just hasn’t really bloomed and found work hard. But it has made a huge difference to him. Great team and products. Thank you

  21. :

    I’ve been using the Oxydane for about 4 weeks now after getting the trial pack. I wanted a balancer which would keep my horses hooves healthy as she is barefoot and some other balancers had ingredients I wanted to avoid. My mare was also quite spooky out hacking and I didn’t expect the calming effect this balancer has had. She really is so much more relaxed hacking now and the spookiness is a thing of the past. I am so impressed with this product and would highly recommend it.

  22. :

    Having decided to try my daughter’s 6 yr old quite anxious horse on Oxydane…..My first thoughts were ok worth a try.👍 After 3 weeks we can’t believe the change in him. He’s a different horse. He’s been so chilled. Looking so well and willing to work. The best decision we made for Zorro.👍💖🐎🐴

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