Hi Form Oxydane

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Oxydane is a nourishing daily essential (much more than a supplement) that provides everything nutritional your horse needs on a day to day basis.

  • Daily essential formula for all working horses
  • Over 60 active ingredients synergistically formulated with nourishment & performance in mind
  • Contains antioxidants, mineral salts, specific vitamins including Vitamin C and E
  • Assists with the health of tendons, ligaments and bone
  • Contains BioEquus which helps to restore and maintain a healthy digestive system
  • Promotes healthy skin, coat and hooves
  • Built in Electrolytes
  • No filler or waste products – only human grade ingredients manufactured in a human facility with HACCP certification
  • Replaces feed balancers and other vitamin & mineral supplements

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Horse Supplements -Hi Form Oxydane Daily Supplement
Hi Form Oxydane
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