Hi Form BioEquus

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  • For Digestive Health
  • Feed as little as 3g per day
  • A 500g tub fed at 10g per day will last approx. 50 days

BioEquus™ is a powerful combination. Helps to maintain normal, healthy intestinal and immune function

The synergy between prebiotics supported by the herbs helps to restore a healthy balance and benefits metabolism in the digestive system. This pleasant tasting formula helps to maintain a healthy bacterial flora and has a beneficial impact on metabolic processes.

A 500g tub of Bio Equus (£103.00) on a horse on a standard program will last approximately 50 days = £2.06 per day or on a pony on a standard program it will last approximately 100 days = £1.03 per day.

On a maintenance program on a horse it will last approximately 100 days = £1.03 per day or on a pony it will last approximately 166 days = £0.62 per day

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ulcer supplement for horses -Hi Form BioEquus Digestive Health Supplement
Hi Form BioEquus
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