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At Hi Form we are great lovers of the use of cold pressed linseed oil for our horses. It is fabulous for them but we are often asked why.

It’s a pretty simple thing to answer,  oil only contains basically fat and energy. It does contains very little protein unlike linseed meal or boiled linseed which contains protein and other nutrients including some oil and fat. The reason why the oil is so much better is due to the balance of Omegas it contains and also the fact that it can be used on horses safely to increase energy levels without gaining weight. There are added benefits of feeding Linseed (Flaxseed) because of the level of Omega 3 as compared to almost all other oils available.

Omega 3 provides anti-inflammatory properties which is very beneficial particularly in cases such as Cushing’s and any EMS condition.

Issues that are faced with linseed meal is it is often not of the correct quality and boiled linseed has its own inherent issues due to the fact that it will be very wet and will not encourage a healthy gut microbiome when digested.

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