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Hi Form Proflamaid Plus Joint & Muscle Supplement

Hi Form Proflamaid Plus

Is your horse a little stiff? Coming up a “bit short”? “Just not quite right”? Getting on a bit? Is a youngster being taught the ropes? A Competition horse that is expected to perform at every event? Or do you just want to make sure that your best friend is as well looked after in the joint and muscle department as is possible?

You have landed on the right page.

If you do a little more exercise than is normal perhaps a little too much, you are sore, aching and tense. Most of us run for a hot bath/shower and then reach for something to take the pain away. As we don’t mean to over do it, it is exactly the same for our horses as we are schooling. A new movement, a little too much repetition trying to get something right, like us they feel it they just don’t have the luxury of soaking in the bath and reaching for a packet.

You would expect us to tell you how brilliant ProflamAid Plus is but we would rather leave this to our customers, Scroll down to see what they say…

Feed as little as 5g per day. A 2kg tub fed at 25g per day will last approx. 80 days

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You would expect us to tell you how brilliant ProflamAid Plus is but we would rather leave this to our customers…

As I am sure most people are about supplements I was a little sceptical…can they really make a difference? I had no obvious ‘issues’ to deal with I just obviously want my horses’ to feel and move the best they possibly can. After a little while I started to notice that comments were made, ‘Your horse is moving really well’ and  ‘he looks so much softer’ seemed to feature quite a lot. I had a little smile to myself but didn’t say anything, maybe it was just a coincidence?! I took both horses competing, the results were fabulous. Maybe they were making a difference? I then took Red to the Area Festival 1st round and he won the Advanced Medium by 5% – at this point I was ‘sold’ on the idea that yes…these supplements do work! I am not one for whims and trends but I would without doubt say that Proflamaid Plus has made a huge difference to both my horses. They are looser, softer and are moving bigger and better than before. The demands of dressage are incredibly high, but I will now confidently know that I am giving my boys the best possible joint and muscle support to enable them to be the best they can be. Thank you HiForm!

Charlotte Cundall, International Para Dressage Rider


“I started using Oxydane and Proflamaid Plus on my 27 year old gelding who had started to show some signs of stiffness in his advancing years……less than 2 weeks on, his movement has freed up considerably and he is back to causing mayhem as he floats round the field. He and I are very impressed, not so sure about others that have to deal with him from time to time”

Amanda Watson & William

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Why Joints AND Muscles?

Australia’s leading Joint formula with over 25 Years of outstanding success, highly effective safe and 100% natural

ProflamAid Plus is a patented formula that contains vitamins, mineral tissue salts, amino acids, anti-oxidants and selected herbs to assist in all aspects of joint and muscle function.

ProflamAid Plus assists in maintaining healthy cartilage, muscles, tendons and bone. Contain vitamins and minerals that can have a role in the support of the natural healing process and the maintenance of normal healthy joints. The nutrients contained in these formulas have a role in general metabolism.

Bones come together to form Joints, the ends of those bones are covered with cartilage, a smooth protective tissue to that helps reduce friction as joints move.

The skeletal muscle and smooth muscle, are part of the musculoskeletal system. Skeletal muscles are responsible for posture and movement. They are attached to bones and arranged around the joints. Smooth muscle helps facilitate many processes in the body such as the flow of blood (by surrounding arteries) and the movement of food along the digestive tract.

Tendons are tough bands of connective tissue made up mostly of a protein called collagen. They stretch very little. Tendons attach each end of a muscle to a bone. At selected points, they are located within sheaths that allow them to move easily.

Ligaments are also tough cords formed of connective tissue. Unlike tendons, they can stretch to some extent. Ligaments surround joints and help to support and stabilize them. They can also connect one bone to another.

This is why Hi Form is unique in that it supports the joints AND the muscles!




EquiSoy (See Below), Tricalcium Phosphate, Trimagnesium Phosphate, Corydalis Extract 10:1, Peppermint Extract, Rue Herb Extract 10:1, Calcium Sulphate, Rosehip Extract 10:1, Turmeric Extract 95:1 (Curcumin).

Included in Proflamaid Plus is Equisoy – Don’t confuse or relate this to by-products like soybean meal used in most horse feeds. Not only is it an amazing product, it is also oral grade (human quality and is used in health foods). This is full fat debittered soy flour, a palatable source of protein,  and is NOT an animal feed and it is certainly NOT a filler. Farmed in Australia, the EquiSoy contains NO GM Soya.



Iron .                E1 (14,000 mg) 2481 mg Iron

Zinc Sulphate E6 (36,790 mg) 13244 mg Zinc



Vitamin C 3a300 91806 mg

Nicotinic Acid 3a314 48652 mg

Vitamin E 3a700 24673 I.U.

Pantothenic Acid 23303 mg

Vitamin B6 3a831


Phosphorus 22925 mg/kg

Calcium 16583 mg/kg

Magnesium 6379 mg/kg

Sodium 243 mg/kg


Crude Protein 13.9%

Crude oils and fats 7.5%

Crude fibre 4.4%

Crude ash 0.02%

Further Details

Worldwide Patent Numbers for ProflamAid Plus: 671681 & 5616324

A 5 Kg tub of ProflamAid Plus (£485) on standard maintenance 25g per day will last approximately 200 days = £2.43 per day or on low maintenance 10g per day it will last 500 days = £0.97 per day