Hi Form Proflamaid Plus

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Hi Form’s premium Joint & Muscle Supplement is formulated to assist healing & joint and muscle function by supporting the natural inflammatory and anti-inflammatory pathways.

  • Highest specification natural human grade joint and muscle supplement available in the UK
  • Natural nutrients have a role in the general metabolism and red blood cell formation
  • Assist in maintaining normal nitrogen balance in tissues
  • Entirely unique combination of scientifically proven natural ingredients (Therapeutic Good Administration List in Australia)
  • No fillers, binders, animal derivatives or any ingredient alien to the equine species
  • 1 Kg tub provides 40 days supply for an average horse

Feed as little as 5g per day. A 2kg tub fed at 25g per day will last approx. 80 days

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joint supplements for horses - Hi Form Proflamaid Plus Joint & Muscle Supplement
Hi Form Proflamaid Plus
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