“This stuff is expensive!”

We’re used to hearing that about Proflamaid Plus.

Our response: Yes…. and No.

Yes, if you use bargain brands.

Yes, if your horse doesn’t matter to you

(but you wouldn’t be reading this if that were true).


No, if you usually buy several supplements to assist joints and muscles.

No way, if you also have a lot of vet visits, injections and other treatments to maintain your horse.

No, if you want to get the best out of your horse.

No, if you want your horse to be supple and able to work happily every day.

Why is it expensive?

We didn’t start with a price. We formulated the best Joint and Muscle supplement we could with the best manufacturing process (human facility) and the best performance and the best ingredients, entirely natural to a Herbivore using mineral tissue salts and expensive raw materials (tech/feed grade and synthetics are far cheaper, but you get what you pay for). Only when we were satisfied did we come up with pricing that cover our ingredients, manufacturing process and sustains this small, friendly business.

Once the whole equestrian world is using Hi Form, economy might scale differently. Until then, a rapidly growing number of people say they’re getting their money’s worth, like these:

“I started using Oxydane and Proflamaid Plus on my 27 year old gelding who had started to show some signs of stiffness in his advancing years……less than 2 weeks on, his movement has freed up considerably and he is back to causing mayhem as he floats round the field – he and I are very impressed! Having tried numerous supplements for various requirements over our long 26 years together, I have to admit to being surprised by the palpable difference this combination of products have made. Even my farrier has made comment on the quality of his feet and despite having to grow an extra thick coat this winter, the gloss is evident. With these products, a little really and truly does go a long way and they are serious value for money – anyway, what price would you put on your best friends health and wellbeing??!!”

– Amanda W.

“Oxydane and Proflamaid. I’d like to say this company have given us the results I could only dream of. Glowing health and movement I’ve never had before. I’m resting easy in the knowledge I’m giving them the best. Don’t worry about the costs because their health will save you future bills I am certain of this.”

– Diane R.

Bailey is on Proflamaid plus and I can honestly say it is amazing! He has arthritis in his hocks and will usually show signs when he is due to be injected. Since putting him on this supplement I completely forgot to book him in for his appointment with the vets to review and re-inject as he felt so amazing! Highly recommend!! Thank you Claire and Alice for being so helpful and providing all the information and support needed to help my boy get his spring back in his step!

– Angeline J.

For more opinions on cost vs. value, go and look at our customer reviews here

Bottom Line:

We want you to be delighted and more importantly we want your horse to feel great.

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