EquiPod – Press Release December 2022

The future of equine health has arrived with EQUIPOD

Hi Form are always looking for new and innovative ways to help improve your horses health and performance, which is why they are delighted to bring you the very latest in equine technology and engineering; EquiPod.   

EquiPod is an easy to use, app controlled therapeutic system for your horse that works in harmony with the body’s natural physiological processes. Utilising an advanced form of microcurrent technology, this clever device encourages recovery in horses suffering from a wide range of injuries and conditions, helping them to manage pain and get back to their peak physical performance.

There are other pre-programmed microcurrent devices available on the market, but most of these only provide basic preset microcurrent that is not optimised for its specific intended use or purpose. This limitation prohibits the user from catering the treatment specifically to the injury and explains why these devices only work for some horses, some of the time. In contrast, the EquiPod is the only equine device which provides app controlled advanced research developed multi-frequency microcurrents in all its treatment programmes. Allowing the user to tailor the treatments to optimise the programmes efficiency.

There are multiple programmes available such as ‘Repair & Recovery’ which helps with most types of injuries. This can be used in combination with ‘Pain Management’ which is an all-natural approach to keeping your horse more comfortable during their recovery or in response to other causes of pain and discomfort. The EquiPod also has a ‘Maintenance & Wellbeing’ programme which can be used to help promote general health and the functional wellbeing of joints and soft tissues. Any equine can benefit from this routine maintenance programme, however, older horses and those with moderate to high activity levels may benefit the most.

An EquiPod ‘KorWrap’ (£99) has been designed to comfortably secure the EquiPod device to the fore and hind legs and a ‘KorBand’ (£129) secures it to the back, withers, and surrounding tissues. There is also a highly durable and waterproof ‘Kit Bag’ (£129), enabling you to keep your EquiPod safe and handy.

So, whether you’re hoping to improve your horse’s overall performance or increase their level of comfort after injury, this incredible EquiPod therapy system is for you.

EquiPod Therapy System £799

Hi Form are offering a 2-Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Visit www.hiformequine.co.ukfor more information and to place your order.

Press information: info@samforrestpr.co.uk or Tel 01242 603907

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