EquiG Plus for me..!

Hi Form EquiG Plus

EquiG Plus – On Sunday morning, I was doing stables nothing out of the ordinary, just clearing droppings when my back went. I don’t mean just a little tweak, a serious one. I managed to hobble into the house, called for my husband and then sank to the floor on my back in the hall, trying to take away the pain and stretch.

I am no hypochondriac; I can deal with most things but this was excruciating. So bad I had to call my wonderful girl Friday to come and help my husband with stables. I couldn’t do anything and spent the afternoon feeling grumpy on the sofa. Everything took huge amounts of time. Thank goodness for my husband, who took up the reins and did the horses for the rest of the day.

Monday, I was in pain all day. My husband had to take my horse to the treadmill with my groom as I just couldn’t do anything without spasms going up and down my back. Human drugs didn’t take the edge off at all.

Tuesday morning, still in agony. So why don’t you take your own medicine, then? By that I mean EquiG, Hi Form’s buteless bute. Rasberry yoghurt in hand I headed for the feed room. A spoon of EquiG into a small tub of said yoghurt and then with a certain amount of trepidation I put spoon to mouth. I was waiting for a vile taste. Nope. Easy to eat in fact and down it went.

Gobsmackingly quickly, I could feel pain disappearing. Don’t get me wrong, it was not a miracle cure but I could feel warmth but maybe it was just me? No, physically my pained face changed. My limited movement has become not so limited. I can do things that an hour before would have sent spasms, my face grimacing at the jolts of pain, running up my back.

Roll on 3 pm when Clare Howard gets here with her magic fingers. I think I will be sorted by this evening. A bit more EquiG and I will be right as rain.

PS My dodgy fingers are also pain free and working properly. Placebo effect? Not on your nelly.

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