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We know that Facebook doesn’t deliver our posts to you all the time! We also know that Turmeric is a source of discussion very regularly, the facts are often not clear and we thought that we would try to help clarify by putting a little more substance around Dr David Marlin’s recent post.

 Dr David Marlin raises a very valid point on his post about TURMERIC but we believe it needs clarification. If we cut to the chase, he is saying that you can’t possibly be feeding enough to do any good.

We agree. 

There is a twist in the tail or tale.

As David rightly says, the vast majority of supplements use a low grade or culinary Turmeric 👎 which only contains between 3 and 5% Curcumins (this is the effective bit).

Based on David’s maths (and who are we to argue), he suggests that per day the average horse should receive 13 – 20mg of Curcumins per 1kg of body weight. If we work it out for the average 500kg horse, the total Curcuminoids we should be feeding equates to 6.5 – 10g per day.
With your average turmeric supplement using a 4% Curcumin concentration, you would need to feed around 200g per day to get the required amount of curcuminoids.

Hi Form is the exception, we use a 100:1 to extract which means there is an 85% content of Curcumins (Curcuminoids). 

The reason why the Curcumin levels are so high in Hi Form is because it is a 100:1 extract. So, the 3.7g of Curcuma Longa in each Kg of ProflamAid Plus is actually equivalent to 370g, and at 85% Curcuminoid content that means a whopping  314.5g of Curcumin per 1kg of product. 

So, remember it’s the Curcumins in the Turmeric we want, not just the total Turmeric content!

Well here is the good news, Hi Form does exactly that, delivering the equivalent of 7.86 grams of Curcuminoids in a 25 gram daily feed rate.

BUT DON’T BE DISTRACTED – the Curcuma Longa extract is only 1 active ingredient in PROFLAMAID PLUS there are another 17 in the formula!

We don’t like to single out the Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) or any of the ingredients for that matter. PROFLAMAID PLUS works on the synergistic effect of all the ingredients working together. Each ingredient is specifically chosen for its bioavailability and unique action in the animal body

We are always at the end of the phone or messenger, if you have any questions or just want to have a chat about this subject or anything else.

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