Sceptical about How Oxydane can Help? So was Katie Powell…

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Katie Powell started her Oxydane Subscription in December and when we asked her how she was getting along we were delighted with her findings! Thanks for your words Katie and we look forward to hearing more of your successes as the season progresses!

Hi Form has enabled my horse and I to progress, develop and bond in a very short space of time. An avid rider who had just purchased the next level of horse I came down to earth with a bump when he dumped me in the middle of a field on one of our first hacks! I put this down to many things, he’s new to me, new route, it’s cold, I’d let up momentarily etc but the reality was I had brought a beautiful but blood horse who was capable of eventing at the top of his game in the future – of course he’s going to have something about him. 

It rattled me but I put on my brave pants and cracked on. But he lacked concentration in the school and generally felt like a ticking bomb at the wrong moments. You do the normal checks, saddle – tick, physiotherapy – tick, teeth – tick. Feed… we had added a combined oil and que Hi Form. I had a chat with the enormously helpful Claire  who suggested I try Oxydane. I was initially sceptical as there are so many supplements on the market making big claims.

I personally had recently made some health changes so was very aware that what you eat has a direct impact on how you feel. So we stopped the oil and his other supplements and started Hi Form and literally within two weeks we had a different horse. Now many would say it’s because he’s now settled or we’ve got used to each other but it’s more than that. His concentration has changed, his topline has improved, his coat is shiny and he’s a total pleasure to ride. We are now out and about and have gone to clinics and to the gallops. We have our first competition booked and we are looking forward to a successful 2019. My view – ditch all your supplements and move to HiForm, without doubt the best on the market.




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