Joint Supplements for Horses

Hi Form Proflamaid Plus Horse Joint and Muscle Supplement

Do you remember the old song? Dem Bones, dem dry bones?

(Look on the internet if you don’t, it has changed a bit to be politically correct but it’s still around). As a kid this is how many of us learnt how we’re connected into the skeletal frame. What it doesn’t do is then take us into how we’re all held together – because that gets complicated, with muscles, ligaments and tendons.

The point is everything is connected.

Let me explain quickly.

Bones come together to form Joints, the ends of those bones are covered with cartilage, a smooth protective tissue that helps reduce friction as joints move.


The skeletal muscle and smooth muscle, are part of the musculoskeletal system. Skeletal muscles are responsible for posture and movement. They are attached to the bones and are arranged around the joints. Smooth muscle helps facilitate many processes in the body such as the flow of blood (by surrounding arteries) and the movement of food along the digestive tract.


Tendons are tough bands of connective tissue made up mostly of a protein called collagen. They stretch very little. Tendons attach each end of a muscle to a bone. At selected points, they are located within sheaths that allow them to move easily.


Ligaments are also tough cords formed of connective tissue. Unlike tendons, they can stretch to some extent. Ligaments surround joints and help to support and stabilize them. They can also connect one bone to another.

In order for everything to work smoothly it would kind of make logical sense to look at the whole rather than a part, wouldn’t it?

So why does the equine supplement business generally only look at joints? We actually don’t have the answer but we can guess.


We, at Hi Form, take a different view. We believe in looking after all the connections to ensure that we are supporting and protecting your horse as far as is feasibly possible.



In order to support joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons:-

  • it takes knowledge and dedication
  • Complete understanding of the genetic make-up of the equine  
  • A vast experience of ingredients and how to blend them
  • A lifetime of working with equines
  • Total comprehension of what the equine body can absorb efficiently
  • Commitment to only including ingredients that are natural to an herbivore
  • A passion to unlock the genetic potential of each and every horse
  • Above all, fervour that nutrition is the key to life


Joint Supplements for Horses

We support your horse by harnessing the power of nature.

We believe in administering ingredients natural to an herbivore not alien substance to an equine body. For example:

  • Glucosamine is extracted from shellfish or made synthetically in a lab, it does not pass our test.
  • Whey Powder is extracted from milk, in our opinion it has no business being in a supplement for equines.


We believe in only putting into our supplements ingredients that benefit your horse. We have heard all the arguments about palatability but if you have the right quality ingredients, correctly milled even the fussiest of eater’s wolf down Hi Form. Rest assured, in our supplements you will not find

  • fillers
  • balancers
  • artificial colours
  • artificial flavours
  • by-products


Hi Form ProflamAid Plus supports the joints and muscles. We may be a little dearer, but if you look beyond the price you will see that the feed rates are comparatively small thus the tubs last much longer. Everything contained within the tub is utilised and absorbed by the equine body, there are no bulking ingredients.

Our customers will tell you they are amazed at how effective and fast acting this patented formula is.

You won’t see 2 for 1 from us nor will you see 50% discounts we standby the quality that we deliver to our customers.


ProflamAid Plus is probably the best Joint & Muscle product on the market today.

Superior Muscle and Joint Support

With over 25 Years of outstanding success, highly effective, safe and 100% natural, ProflamAid Plus is Australia’s leading joint and muscle supplement.

ProflamAid Plus can assist in maintaining healthy cartilage, muscles, tendons and bone. Contains vitamins and minerals that can have a role in the support of the natural healing process and the maintenance of normal healthy joints. The nutrients contained in these formulas also have a role in the general metabolism

ProflamAid Plus is a patented formula that contains vitamins, mineral tissue salts, amino acids, anti-oxidants and selected herbs which may assist in all aspects of joint and muscle function and can have a role in the support of the natural healing process

At Hi Form we believe that everything is mutually dependent which is why we provide a supplement that supports that interconnection.  Find out why?

A 2kg tub fed at 25g per day will last approx. 80 days



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