Why Oxydane?

Why Oxydane? All of us have one thing in common, the health and wellbeing of our horses. If you are on our page, we know you care about horse’s health and some of you may be customers already using Oxdane.

With the start of a new year, we thought it an ideal time to touch base and talk a little about Oxydane and what it provides on a daily basis to our horses.

With feed prices on the rise and look set to continue there are some things we can do to make the most of the feed we put in, perhaps even reduce the amount and at the same time promote high health status for our horses.

So why would you choose Oxydane or continue to feed it?

It contains everything you need on a daily basis for your horse.

Many of you come to us because of issues which Oxydane assists with but its main job is the general internal health of your horse which we can’t see and we forget just how important this is.

  • Oxydane is a complex high-performance formula offering total nutritional support
  • It is designed to promote a healthy immune system and high health status
  • It contains powerful anti-oxidants and assists in fast recovery
  • Electrolytes – maintains hydration which is not only essential for horses in work but also those recovering from illness.
  • Gut health – with ulcers and gut issues at record levels, we have added our gut support formula into Oxydane. The digestive microbiome is an important component in immune health, strengthening the immune system through probiotics and gut healing herbs is essential.
  • By providing a balanced nutritional intake which helps maintain optimum levels of digestion and utilisation of feed, feed quantities may need to be lowered over a period of 8-12 weeks.
  • We use Pharma grade ingredient in all our formulas – no fillers, artificial additives or by-products whatsoever. We even manufacture in a human HACCP factory! Possibly the only horse supplement company in the world to do this! High absorption rates are the benefits of this.
  • Mineral tissue salts to re-establish balance. We choose Mineral salts instead of standard minerals. Why? They are micro doses of minerals that help rectify mineral imbalances which may be the cause of many common ailments. They also may assist the absorption of nutrients from feed and supplements.
  • Oxydane can assist with stimulating circulation to the lungs and hooves.
  • For glowing skin and coat health, we call it Oxyglow
  • Full support for healthy hoof growth
  • Should your horse have an unfortunate accident or illness, Oxydane helps with recovery

At Hi Form we respect the fact that our horses are Herbivores and you will not find any animal derivative products within our supplements. No glucosamine, No MSM, No chrondroitin, No Whey or Milk products. We respect horse physiology, equine evolution, the gut, the gut microbiome at all times.


Hi Form Oxydane - Daily Supplments for Horses

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