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Hi Form Proflamaid Plus Joint & Muscle Supplement

Hi Form Proflamaid Plus Monthly Subscription

ProflamAid Plus you will have your Golden Bag delivered to your preferred delivery address every month – enough for over 30 days on the daily feed rate.

Performance/Rehabilitation Rate – 1kg (30g per day + extra for intense work days/injury)

Regular Work – 750g (20-25g per day)

Pony – 375g (12.5g per day)

Another weight off your mind, and you will be saving into the bargain!
For multiple horses, just up the subscription to accommodate the number of horses you have on ProflamAid Plus.

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From: £39.00 / month




Monthly Subscriptions for Oxydane and ProflamAid are now here!

You lead crazy busy lives, we know it is very easy to arrive at the feed room to find that you are low! We have had lots of panic calls.

To stop the panic, we have created our monthly subscription that gives you the ability to relax knowing you will never run out of your daily supplements and save money into the bargain!
For your first order on the monthly subscription we will deliver to you your tub, a scoop and the product.

We are also on a sustainability drive, trying to keep plastic to a minimum, your monthly refills will then be delivered to you in our golden bags. You simply need to top up your pot.